Sell by Objectifying

I was at that terrible Wal-mart place today and I say a young woman walk by wearing a t-shirt that said "rub for luck" that is a sexual harassment waiting to happen. I doubt she would have taken it too kindly had someone gone over there and grabbed her boob. Or maybe it was some sort of artistic statement, maybe, but for some reason I don't think it was. If I had only a little less inhibitions then I do, I might have actually gone over to her and grabbed her boob. Probably not, but I had the urge. To prove a point? or because her shirt said to?

In middle school I was at the mall with some friends and they seemed to like a shirt that said "Objects under are larger then they appear"

Refer to the blog link Open Source Stitches' "blame it on the ovaries" for why I looked up Abercrombie & Fitch's child's(7-14) line.

The Abercrombie's kids' homepage is –dramatic pause– a (b&w)photo of a guy– not a boy– he's past puberty, standing with an open button down shirt and his head is cropped off.

Do boys need/want to were cologne? and $30.00 cologne at that?

The nude photographs aren’t pornographic at all, the company says — they’re wholesome and beautiful. Besides, the clothing and marketing campaigns aren’t intended for anyone over 22 or under 18 — Abercrombie & Fitch is all about college students, who are hip enough to understand the A&F Quarterly’s sly sense of humor. If you don’t get the joke, then you’re just too darn old.

-Megan vs A&F

Naked people are funny? haha! you're naked! also "wholesome and beautiful"? what they what everyone to think is beautiful. "..it's an excuse to look at naked women." Oh, Wait I know why it's funny, because everyone in their pictures (especially the nudes) are :swearing: perfect! I get it! Haha! And the only way I can look like that is to buy your clothes and run around naked! That way I will look like a photoshopped picture!

Oh! then it must be 22 year olds who run the company. I see, That's pretty awesome. Oh, it's not? then can only "hip college" kids find this funny? That's because it's not and it's just "you can't possibly understand, so you can't get mad at us."

"cute butt leggings"? I'm still on the "kid's" site. (7-14) the only swimsuits they have for girls are bikini's. There is one one-piece in the woman's section. (it still wasn't covering much) And again they need $30 smelly stuff. The gift card is a man with out a shirt and a woman leaning on him.(the adult line is just a male without a shirt) They did not change there branding at- no it's not there branding they needed to change- wait naked people is their branding. They need to change that(and some of the clothes) to get a difference between their "kids" line and there "college" line.

I can't look at this stuff anymore. Their stores smells bad too. They spray perfume and stuff on the clothes. They must not wash it before hand. (you know, after the models had sex on them)

(I didn't even touch on the child thongs (they used to have?) or anything else mentioned in Megan vs A&F)

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