Questioning Sweetness: Explanation

Here is were any of my crazy feminist rants will go. Some of them might be pretty crazy, but that's okay because I am crazy. I don't think that needs any more explanation. Actually, it does. It won't all be about feminist. It will also be about equality. It might usually seem like females get the short end of the stick, but men suffer from stereotypes about how they should be and act, etc. etc. I will talk about men from time to time too.

The title Questioning Sweetness comes from my boyfriend. He would say something nice to me (like "you are pretty") I would never really believe him. I don't trust that everything people say is the truth. Maybe he wants something, but of course he wants something he is dating me. That wouldn't make me feel any better about it. I suppose the real question would be, does he care about my feelings? In any case he got around to saying "Don't question my sweetness, Woman." I should also specify that he's use of 'woman' wasn't meant in any negative usage.