Ramble: Anime-Loving Feminist

I've gone over why I don't like most anime. It is— in my experience, mostly demeaning to woman. I have had an acquaintance, who seems to enjoy anime, but also claimed to be a feminist. Saying how that people (white, male atheists) mostly as she would like to believe are blaming rape-victims, because they dress provocatively and walk alone at midnight.
that's all. Even if she is going to follow the generic feminist notion that nothing women do can will have any sort of change to the likelihood of their being raped, that still doesn't explain any of her like of anime. Yeah, there are some, maybe even a lot of anime, but most of the ones that I've seen are demeaning to women. How can you accept that while defending feminism? It's just never anything I really understood about women anime people. I mean not all anime is bad or demeaning. You'd just have to be very discriminating in your tastes. Oh, wait that's why she was upset— discrimination.
No, I don't suppose it makes any sense. I just had a bad day and people complaining about an article of hers and reminded us of our disagreements about rape. That and her liking anime bothered me and I had to ramble about something about it. Though, the article she wrote had nothing to do with anime.

It all seems so hypocritical to me. Maybe there is just something I'm missing.

it must be this.