Pretend Estrogen

I am writing because of recent comments by certain people on issues of contraception and rape children. Not that anyone reads this-- not that I have posted in a while. It feels good to rant where people can here me, but no one has to.
Ah, Yes, it's all over the internet. All of it-- or at least most of it. So, it's nothing you haven't heard. Limbaugh- slut. You know because you have to take a pill every time you have sex, not everyday. This this works right away. --like Viagra. It helps with other things-- unlike Viagra. I mean Viagra might solve a medical condition, but it's only to have sex. If you are actually reading this-- you know this and since I know this-- stating it is all I have to do to release my angry ranting need.
That leads us to-- duh, duh!, "men can have lots of sex, but women can't." or "Sex is only for reproducing." That means men have to have lots of gay sex, but of course we don't like gays either so.... so who are they supposed to have sex with? Just 'sluts' who we despise and spit on. So, they are easily conquering someone who we despise anyway? So what have they accomplished? or is it just that they are special when they 'hit' someone that is not perceived as a slut or is hot? I don't have any idea what I am saying. But if all or most women what to be treated respectfully in this way-- none of the men will, because no one will sleep with them, because they have there non-slut public image to uphold? All this questioning is mostly just BS anyway.
I admit I have prejudges with people have indiscriminate sex-- but with indiscriminate sex wouldn't it be more important to use a condom? Duh, If you don't really know the person...

I may come back to rant again. I haven't finished. I haven't gotten to other people.