Yin is bad (at least when yang wants to wear it.)

It seems to mean that female cross dressing is a lot more acceptable then male cross dressing. I'm not talking about girls wearing pants. I'm talking about girls wearing guys pants. Of course, I don't live in an area where I get lots of strange looks. I don't know even know if there are places in the US like that.
There is a difference between girls pants and guy pants, kilts and skirts. Two very noticeable ones are the cut and the amount of fabric. I feel guys clothes are for comfort and girls are for fashion.
I feel like it is looked down on for a man to be feminine. I'm thinking the pink toe nail boy ad from a while ago. Of course are there any ads of girls playing with trucks? If there are no one has made a really loud fuss about it. Girls like dolls and rainbow princesses and pink! And if they don't that's okay-- totally cool. Boys like trucks and football, bugs and dirt! And if they don't-- oh no they are gay. We need to make them more masculine.
I feel like recently it has been deemed okay for girls to be tough or like videos games or sports. Yet, we haven't solved the opposite problem. Boys can't be delicate or like pink unicorns. Why is this? All I can think is that just like the western version of the yin yang-- female is evil.

(I'm out of rant time, battery's dieing.)