A bank's dress code policy...

"It is odd to me that one would assume wearing make-up is akin to "whoring-up" - how old-fashioned is that? Nobody is talking about rouging their nipples, lady"

you mean wearing make-up isn't like whoring-up? And it isn't old fashioned. woman have worn make-up for a long time. make-up is usually meant to make you look aroused. Sounds like whoring up to me.

Original article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2010/12/15/132078288/bank-dress-code-makeup-will-enhance-your-personality?sc=fb&cc=fp


Romantic Rape

A while ago I was in a class. The professor was talking about rape and about how we (only girls were in the class) were in the age group most likely to get raped. She talked about how a lot of anti-rape things actually romanticize rape. She told of a commercial with just a girl crying in her bed to sad music.
Some time, before or after that— I don't know. I remember seeing a DeviantArt piece on rape. It was in the "Daily Deviations." I know they aren't a reliable source for anything. I couldn't find the image again. It was just the torso and pelvis of a woman, her hands gingerly covering herself with a little bit of blood. She wasn't in the fetal position, she wasn't covering her breasts at all or even had much of a closed body posture. and her skin was perfect. there was not a bruise. don't struggle?
Even when I was searching for the image. The rape images that were trying to tell a serious message about rape being wrong. (not the jokes or the pornographic ones) Seemed to be very romanticized. pornographic. this is sexy. a few of them were kind of violent and not very romanticized. a lot of them were just the typical tape over mouth and "real men don't rape." tape. I know symbolizing that people who are raped don't usually tell anyone. but what else does it say? don't scream? you shouldn't tell anyone?

I could always go back to Twilight and other smut novels. I wonder sometimes people intentionally try to get us excited about these things. We should like a big strong guy who can "take" us whenever he'd like. In fact we should like it when he does. actually, I'm not sure I wonder about it at all.