Twilight and Rape

Twilight raped my six year old sister.

Of course this isn't true-- books can't rape people. However, it can-- well, it's not the only book/thing that- affect young women/girls view of themselves and what they think love should be like.
We should all wait for "true" love. If that love is a stalking, possibly abusive boyfriend, oh well, that's "true" love. [just search it for sites.]
Edward is supposed to be a vampire. As I understand myth, vampires are scary bloodsucking humanoids, who also as I understand, tend to view humans as lesser creatures. Hm, like food. They are predators; they stalk and drink their prey-- humans. Why would they date or be anywhere close to kind to their prey, anyway? So, it's not like it's particularly surprising he wouldn't treat her well.
Other things I have heard. It's-- besides the lack of good writing/grammar(which we all know I don't have)-- it's okay for pulp. There are some lulls though.
Bela is apparently somewhat of a developed character. (I don't want to say that without the somewhat) After she's with Ed she becomes less of one. In fact two of my friends who read it didn't find the first one all that bad and in the end Ed leaves her and she has to deal with it. But in the other ones Mr. Sparkly comes back. I don't know where Werewolf comes in or what he's like, but I'm pretty sure Bel stays with Ed. Now, if Jacob was a good werewolf guy it should (for being pulp) end with her going with Jake and realizing what a terrible guy Ed was. That would also end with the obvious moral of knowing and being able to avoid abusive relationships (even if they are sexy vampires)
Another opinion is that Bel is just a placeholder character for any female to slip into-- "a choose your own adventure novel in disguise" Of course, you can't change what Bel does. If you decide that Jake is hotter you can't go with him. He was a bad guy in an earlier book, no? That still give the element of danger. It would probably still give the element of a rape fantasy. I guess, no rape fantasy would be complete without an abusive guy. One site I saw said that this makes it "romantic" That without him being abusive the story wouldn't continue, because it would be "happily ever after" which, as I understand, is what the last book is like. Alright, so they can't have problems or things to get over and it being all "romantic" without him treating her badly?

This leads me to question my earlier hypothesis of woman having rape fantasies being somewhat genetic. Rape is about power/show of power. Woman are naturally attracted to more powerful men. (although, for some reason, at the moment, I believe that men who rape are more likely to feel powerless and that is why they do it.) A powerful man is more likely to be able to care/protect the child. So, would that make a rape fantasy about having a powerful man to take care of any children?
or is it because we have been a relatively "misogynistic" society? (which may somehow have lead to changes in female genetics, possibly, maybe, I don't study these things) Is it because people like Stephanie Meyer write romanticizing abusive relationships. (which, as a side note, American culture does sometimes to rape– romanticizing it.) Stories which are supposed to capture teen sexual tension or whatever. Stories that are generally for girls, show that abusive relationships are romantic and she should be married and with a kid by the time she is, what? 18? was that it? something terrible. She should be en-soi (being in itself, like an object. Simone de Beauvoir) and live only for her husband, who of course is God. And she shouldn't do anything she wants to do– no wait, she should do what she wants to, but she wants to live only for her god. If he is not there she is nothing. He, however can go and do whatever he pleases. Oh, wait, now it's not even a rape fantasy anymore, because now she isn't a person. If this is romance (which is the kind I don't like) then girls should not be interested in it.

Are girls actually influenced by this kind of thing? If Bel is a placeholder character then...


Sell by Objectifying

I was at that terrible Wal-mart place today and I say a young woman walk by wearing a t-shirt that said "rub for luck" that is a sexual harassment waiting to happen. I doubt she would have taken it too kindly had someone gone over there and grabbed her boob. Or maybe it was some sort of artistic statement, maybe, but for some reason I don't think it was. If I had only a little less inhibitions then I do, I might have actually gone over to her and grabbed her boob. Probably not, but I had the urge. To prove a point? or because her shirt said to?

In middle school I was at the mall with some friends and they seemed to like a shirt that said "Objects under are larger then they appear"

Refer to the blog link Open Source Stitches' "blame it on the ovaries" for why I looked up Abercrombie & Fitch's child's(7-14) line.

The Abercrombie's kids' homepage is –dramatic pause– a (b&w)photo of a guy– not a boy– he's past puberty, standing with an open button down shirt and his head is cropped off.

Do boys need/want to were cologne? and $30.00 cologne at that?

The nude photographs aren’t pornographic at all, the company says — they’re wholesome and beautiful. Besides, the clothing and marketing campaigns aren’t intended for anyone over 22 or under 18 — Abercrombie & Fitch is all about college students, who are hip enough to understand the A&F Quarterly’s sly sense of humor. If you don’t get the joke, then you’re just too darn old.

-Megan vs A&F

Naked people are funny? haha! you're naked! also "wholesome and beautiful"? what they what everyone to think is beautiful. "..it's an excuse to look at naked women." Oh, Wait I know why it's funny, because everyone in their pictures (especially the nudes) are :swearing: perfect! I get it! Haha! And the only way I can look like that is to buy your clothes and run around naked! That way I will look like a photoshopped picture!

Oh! then it must be 22 year olds who run the company. I see, That's pretty awesome. Oh, it's not? then can only "hip college" kids find this funny? That's because it's not and it's just "you can't possibly understand, so you can't get mad at us."

"cute butt leggings"? I'm still on the "kid's" site. (7-14) the only swimsuits they have for girls are bikini's. There is one one-piece in the woman's section. (it still wasn't covering much) And again they need $30 smelly stuff. The gift card is a man with out a shirt and a woman leaning on him.(the adult line is just a male without a shirt) They did not change there branding at- no it's not there branding they needed to change- wait naked people is their branding. They need to change that(and some of the clothes) to get a difference between their "kids" line and there "college" line.

I can't look at this stuff anymore. Their stores smells bad too. They spray perfume and stuff on the clothes. They must not wash it before hand. (you know, after the models had sex on them)

(I didn't even touch on the child thongs (they used to have?) or anything else mentioned in Megan vs A&F)


I blame Truman

Something that usually pisses me off to no end– anime girls. huge eyes and gravity defying boobs, skinny waists and a lot of them have a habit of being all sweet and innocent like. Innocent, in those clothes? I'm surprised they know what that means. Of course, it's not like they are real.
There are also the anime girls who have no boobs. Very rarely do they have normal sized boobs.

Definition, Chick flick: typically used only in reference to films that are heavy with emotion or contain themes that are relationship-based. (wiki) I have also noticed that they are usually more of the "romantic comedy" type deal. Of course, I don't watch those things, but my point is Love Hina. I have decided it is a chick flick for guys after watching the first episode. The boy, who told me I'd like it, insisted it was not. Haha, it's a romantic comedy with boobs. Also, it's more porn-ish (more of a soft core, of course) then most animes. That boy should have known full well that I do not like anything that has to do with relationships, especially when they pretty much call themselves a romantic comedy. Love? hel-lo, I said I wasn't going to like it upon hearing the title. On top of all that the dumb boy tells me who marries who in the end anyway.

I can sometimes get past the fact that anime usually centers around boobs– if it has a good storyline. "I need breasts!" (Pumpkin Scissors) The reason he said that was because he found a baby boy. "can we trade it in for a bomb?"

Those anime boobs don't help when the boy you are dating is practically drooling over drawings. There is no way I can look like that. I am comfortable as I am and am told that I am beautiful and all sorts of things, but seeing things like that doesn't make me feel good at all. His line was "Well, at least you know I won't cheat on you." That kid was fully capable of it. This isn't about him is it?

This is about anime boobs (this is not about anime boobs, it is about Banshees)


A bit on the Manlinessless of the 'hurt' emotion

The other night I was looking at a weird painting I'd done a while ago. I made when I was dating someone else. We sort of got into an argument I'm not sure what it was or anything. It was probably ridicules. I painted this. I told that guy that I wanted to show it to him. He said no, that he didn't want to see what I made out of being upset with him. As I was staring at this painting that concept seemed like a terrible idea.

After a while, I got up and showed the painting to Boyfriend. He told me about it. I did not decide to share the context of the piece to him. You aren't supposed to bash your ex to your new boyfriend. Hm, I guess I'm a fail, because I do it all the time. Well, usually when I do it– it's more like "he would never do that" or whatever– implying that Boyfriend is a better person.

I asked Boyfriend– hypothetically, if he would want to see it. He, at first, thought I wasn't being hypothetical. (because very rarely those things are) He begrudgingly said sure, anyway. (and asked when I was upset with him. I said no, it was a hypothetical question.) He again said yes and read some of what I previously wrote.
"That's awesome! If you are ever upset with..." him, he hopes I makes something that cool and be productive with my upsetness.

"I made you feel bad, but I want to pretend it didn't happen. Don't show me art that reminds me of that." ? Pretend we have no feelings? feelings are bad. Erm, what? He didn't want to be reminded he upset me? yeah, he's never broken up with a girl face-to-face. Be manly– Men don't have feelings. Men aren't supposed to care about people or well be worried about people they don't care about. Of course, actually, the people I hear things like this from don't actually think that only men should do that.

Boyfriend and I got lost in some terrifying New England city. (everyone knows New Englanders don't like outsiders) It wasn't the first time we got lost there, but he got upset that he got lost. Later Boyfriend apologized and I said that it was okay, he's allowed to have emotions. I believe he made a comment to the effect that isn't how some people see it. I didn't say anything. I'd much rather date someone who gets angry sometimes then someone who pretends not to have any feelings and they don't think you should show yours if you aren't going to talk about them. Well, if you are dating them shouldn't they know you well enough to tell, regardless?

Was this really what I wanted to get into? Ideas of masculinity and guys who are probably too afraid that they might not be manly enough have to hide themselves behind "masculine" characteristics. I'll probably ramble more on this when I decide I'm going to talk about some philosopher.

Back to the guy who never broke-up with a girl to her face. I'd gotten into a fight with him and told him that I didn't want him to stop talking to me (he had done previously) or I might have to do something I'd regret, because I wouldn't be able to handle that, again. Sometimes, I think that he broke up with me so that I wouldn't hurt him. Random aside: He had said he still loved me. Let's break up with someone you love without really trying to make it work out. Or was that supposed to make me feel better? (Never fish in Booty Bay)

I once knew a guy who was going to cross-dress for a con. He– on multiple occasions– had to say that he read online that you aren't necessarily gay if you do that. He also said that one time he was horsing around with a younger bro of a friend. I notice that he never said it when he mentioned that he used to be in wrestling. That tends to be considered very homo erotic.


likes - OMG facts

I was on facebook one day (everyday) and on my feed someone liked one of those really long "OMG facts" before facebook changed it to not showing the whole thing if it was past a certain length. This is not a rant about the titles that are a paragraph long, but rather what one was about.

The sad thing was that I couldn't say why I didn't like it. I had to ask my boyfriend.
Having sex can reduce a fever because of the sweat produced. Sex is also a pain reliever, ten times more effective than Valium: immediately before orgasm, levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by five times, determining a huge release of endorphins. These chemicals calm pain, from a minor headache to arthritis or migraines, and with no secondary effects. Migraines also disappear because the pressure in the brain's blood vessels is lowered while we have sex. So now we see that actually, a woman's headache is rather a good reason for having sex, not against it. - OMG Facts

I actually copied the paragraph and sent it to him saying "I don't like this, please tell me why?" I mean I'm sure I knew why I don't like it. I just didn't have words. It was the last bit that really got me. About the headache. I figured that was just an excuse for not wanting to have sex– instead of just saying "I don't want to tonight." or whatever. For people who don't just like no without some sort of reason. Like "I don't feel like it." isn't good enough.

Boyfriend said that it "promotes the pressing of the issue", because husbands can now rape their wives. It must be that he has to presser her until she says yes so she can't calm he raped her.
"it's supposed to be a witty way to overcome the excuse" (One of the (many) reasons I like him is because he could tell me why I didn't like that paragraph.) While the chemical/hormone changes do have that effect, how hard is it to forget you are in pain to get to that point? Or maybe she just said she has a headache, because she knows that her partner doesn't accept "I don't want to." as an answer. I already gave that example.

for some reason this leads me to "make me a sandwich." and the response (facebook group) of "more girls go to college then guys, so why don't you make me a sandwich?"


I have a pair of purple pants. I really like the color purple they are. They are almost a jean-type fabric– kind of stretchy. (I'm not sure.) The pants are a really nice color and they weren't that expensive. I got them at JC Penny or a place like that.

The problem I have is that I really don't like wearing these pants. From a little above my knees down they are wonderful. They are skinny jeans, though and I really don't have many shoes that can go with them, but I have a friend (with relatively the same shoe size as me) who is totally into this 'fashion' thing.

What I really don't like about these pants is that they have very very small little pockets good for nothing. They might be good for condoms, but I can barely fit keys in them. I am afraid my phone will fall out of my pocket and my wallet– it always falls out, but I'm still into the 'gothic' chain wallet thing. I just kick my wallet around– it's okay. pick it up, put it back.

The pants come up to my mid hip. The fly is like two and a half inches long. If I take a belt and try to put it any higher, well, that's not very comfortable. It's not very comfortable down either. My crack is exposed when I sit– if I am wearing a short shirt. Even if I'm not I can still feel that my butt is hanging out. I don't need to unbutton and unzip these pants to take them off, but my fat still just (plllit) get pushed up into a nice muffin top. It could always be because of all the other female clothes I used to wear pushing my fats around.

This kind of woman's clothes is supposed to make people feel and look sexy. How am I supposed to feel or look sexy when my guts and my ass is exploding out of the top of my pants? Not that I really care to look or feel sexy, but that is the intend, am I wrong?