I have a pair of purple pants. I really like the color purple they are. They are almost a jean-type fabric– kind of stretchy. (I'm not sure.) The pants are a really nice color and they weren't that expensive. I got them at JC Penny or a place like that.

The problem I have is that I really don't like wearing these pants. From a little above my knees down they are wonderful. They are skinny jeans, though and I really don't have many shoes that can go with them, but I have a friend (with relatively the same shoe size as me) who is totally into this 'fashion' thing.

What I really don't like about these pants is that they have very very small little pockets good for nothing. They might be good for condoms, but I can barely fit keys in them. I am afraid my phone will fall out of my pocket and my wallet– it always falls out, but I'm still into the 'gothic' chain wallet thing. I just kick my wallet around– it's okay. pick it up, put it back.

The pants come up to my mid hip. The fly is like two and a half inches long. If I take a belt and try to put it any higher, well, that's not very comfortable. It's not very comfortable down either. My crack is exposed when I sit– if I am wearing a short shirt. Even if I'm not I can still feel that my butt is hanging out. I don't need to unbutton and unzip these pants to take them off, but my fat still just (plllit) get pushed up into a nice muffin top. It could always be because of all the other female clothes I used to wear pushing my fats around.

This kind of woman's clothes is supposed to make people feel and look sexy. How am I supposed to feel or look sexy when my guts and my ass is exploding out of the top of my pants? Not that I really care to look or feel sexy, but that is the intend, am I wrong?

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