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I was on facebook one day (everyday) and on my feed someone liked one of those really long "OMG facts" before facebook changed it to not showing the whole thing if it was past a certain length. This is not a rant about the titles that are a paragraph long, but rather what one was about.

The sad thing was that I couldn't say why I didn't like it. I had to ask my boyfriend.
Having sex can reduce a fever because of the sweat produced. Sex is also a pain reliever, ten times more effective than Valium: immediately before orgasm, levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by five times, determining a huge release of endorphins. These chemicals calm pain, from a minor headache to arthritis or migraines, and with no secondary effects. Migraines also disappear because the pressure in the brain's blood vessels is lowered while we have sex. So now we see that actually, a woman's headache is rather a good reason for having sex, not against it. - OMG Facts

I actually copied the paragraph and sent it to him saying "I don't like this, please tell me why?" I mean I'm sure I knew why I don't like it. I just didn't have words. It was the last bit that really got me. About the headache. I figured that was just an excuse for not wanting to have sex– instead of just saying "I don't want to tonight." or whatever. For people who don't just like no without some sort of reason. Like "I don't feel like it." isn't good enough.

Boyfriend said that it "promotes the pressing of the issue", because husbands can now rape their wives. It must be that he has to presser her until she says yes so she can't calm he raped her.
"it's supposed to be a witty way to overcome the excuse" (One of the (many) reasons I like him is because he could tell me why I didn't like that paragraph.) While the chemical/hormone changes do have that effect, how hard is it to forget you are in pain to get to that point? Or maybe she just said she has a headache, because she knows that her partner doesn't accept "I don't want to." as an answer. I already gave that example.

for some reason this leads me to "make me a sandwich." and the response (facebook group) of "more girls go to college then guys, so why don't you make me a sandwich?"

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