Pretend Estrogen

I am writing because of recent comments by certain people on issues of contraception and rape children. Not that anyone reads this-- not that I have posted in a while. It feels good to rant where people can here me, but no one has to.
Ah, Yes, it's all over the internet. All of it-- or at least most of it. So, it's nothing you haven't heard. Limbaugh- slut. You know because you have to take a pill every time you have sex, not everyday. This this works right away. --like Viagra. It helps with other things-- unlike Viagra. I mean Viagra might solve a medical condition, but it's only to have sex. If you are actually reading this-- you know this and since I know this-- stating it is all I have to do to release my angry ranting need.
That leads us to-- duh, duh!, "men can have lots of sex, but women can't." or "Sex is only for reproducing." That means men have to have lots of gay sex, but of course we don't like gays either so.... so who are they supposed to have sex with? Just 'sluts' who we despise and spit on. So, they are easily conquering someone who we despise anyway? So what have they accomplished? or is it just that they are special when they 'hit' someone that is not perceived as a slut or is hot? I don't have any idea what I am saying. But if all or most women what to be treated respectfully in this way-- none of the men will, because no one will sleep with them, because they have there non-slut public image to uphold? All this questioning is mostly just BS anyway.
I admit I have prejudges with people have indiscriminate sex-- but with indiscriminate sex wouldn't it be more important to use a condom? Duh, If you don't really know the person...

I may come back to rant again. I haven't finished. I haven't gotten to other people.


Yin is bad (at least when yang wants to wear it.)

It seems to mean that female cross dressing is a lot more acceptable then male cross dressing. I'm not talking about girls wearing pants. I'm talking about girls wearing guys pants. Of course, I don't live in an area where I get lots of strange looks. I don't know even know if there are places in the US like that.
There is a difference between girls pants and guy pants, kilts and skirts. Two very noticeable ones are the cut and the amount of fabric. I feel guys clothes are for comfort and girls are for fashion.
I feel like it is looked down on for a man to be feminine. I'm thinking the pink toe nail boy ad from a while ago. Of course are there any ads of girls playing with trucks? If there are no one has made a really loud fuss about it. Girls like dolls and rainbow princesses and pink! And if they don't that's okay-- totally cool. Boys like trucks and football, bugs and dirt! And if they don't-- oh no they are gay. We need to make them more masculine.
I feel like recently it has been deemed okay for girls to be tough or like videos games or sports. Yet, we haven't solved the opposite problem. Boys can't be delicate or like pink unicorns. Why is this? All I can think is that just like the western version of the yin yang-- female is evil.

(I'm out of rant time, battery's dieing.)


Investigators Wonder Whatever Happened to Pilgrim

TORONTO, CA- Police are investigating the disappearance of a young man. Earlier this week Stacy Pilgrim came to the police saying that she hadn't heard from her brother Scott in several weeks. "At first," she said, "I just thought he had forgotten about his sister. He ran off with Romana Flowers, I had told him not to talk to her." Tuesday, United States officials report finding his body in a small town in New Hampshire. His girlfriend Flowers is the main suspect.

His ex-girlfriend Knives Chau saw them run away together. "Romona opened up a video game like doorway and they walked through. I was really upset like I really loved the guy, I mean I realize he was a jerk now." She went on explaining how he'd go on about lesbians and looking at other girls. "But I wouldn't like want anything bad to happen to him, he'd listen to may stories and like stuff. He helped me realize I'm cool and deserve someone like sweet and stuff." Chau was uncertain as to what Flowers saw in him, she said that she's grown a lot since she met Pilgrim and that Flowers was by far more mature then her.

One of Pilgrim's only true friends Wallace Wells. We talked to him about Pilgrim's disappearance. Wells mentioned how Pilgrim had really liked Flowers. He didn't think that Pilgrim was in love, because he seemed to think that word he felt for Flowers was called "lesbians." When asked why he didn't say anything to anyone else about it he shrugged. "I'm gay, I have five boyfriends at the moment."

Wells explained that Flowers had seven "evil" ex's. He described them to us. They were all stereotypes. There was an Indian man with belly dancers and could summon fire. A pompous skateboarder who can be gloated to doing anything if he's called unmanly. A super-saian, lying, womanizer. A super sexualized, however small breasted, lesbian (defeated by having an orgasm.) Japanese twins who can summon twin dragons, of course and the last is a not so passive aggressive passive aggressor. Wells explains that Pilgrim defeats all of these, in a pathetic video game like manner in order to date Flowers, "the girl of his dreams." (She had reportedly used his skull to travel faster.)

It is speculated that Flowers just wanted to be rid of her ex's and couldn't do it on her own. She was unreachable for comment, but has been seen passing through idiots' empty brains. The idiots were dumb founded and had "raging lesbians" toward the girl. (A Raging lesbian is a boner dressed as a slutty female and pukes all the time, because she thinks she's too fat.)

Editor's note: The studio ninja left a not to the pirate explaining that these characters give bad rep toward ninjas, he or she was not impressed.



I am angry about lesbians today. Oh, and for future reference I do have a sense of humor. it just tends to be... more sophisticated at least sometimes.

The phrase from pilgrim, "i'm in lesbians with you." Is a little chuckle on it's own. But in the movie-- at least it's the last of a series of comments on lesbians. It just shows his obsession with "lesbians". lesbians and gays are objectified, but the gays are made out to be well- not of a sexual nature. (unless you are an artist, then you might exclaim your lust for gays or are gay yourself.)

The obsession with "lesbians" seems to me a threesome fantasy. And quite possibly the fear that you might be gay if you look at another man's "junk". I have no problems with fantasies, but I don't want to be pounded with 'every' man's fantasy all the time. And I dislike the concept of polygamy. I also get the feeling that girls... actually I know they will do things like that to get men. It's fine to please your guy or if you want sex, but I always feel like women think they will get a good relationship by being "sexy". Or maybe they just want to be popular.

(i may not be sense making. Or whatever, cuz it's past one.)

Another lesbian fantasy. They are more sexual, like catgirls. No, they are just already "deviants" so they might as well exclaim their lust. And it's not like all of them do that. The majority of the ones I know don't. I'm female and hetro. Of course, I'm not supposed to share my lustfulness and with how I know men react, I prefer not to.

Lesbians has been in quotes, because a guy can't get a lesbian (unless rape, but that's another story) it's the typical bi-sexual nature of society's women. Or probably. less typical, more bi-sexual.

And gay men, they are thought of as less then man, especially if they are more feminine. But people can easily see why that makes me mad. Don't shit on the gays they're people-- men too.


Comments on the internet

"women are weaker then men and feminists fail to realize that's where our powers lie." uhm, what? was she saying that it's because we don't fell we need to prove ourselves with who we can beat up or how much we can carry?

"oh the whole we are repressed!" so are you sir. don't you feel more pressure to be successful to find a sexy women to sleep with at night? and don't you think that if you are stronger that women will like you more? (I've heard that this is not true.)

I shouldn't expect anything from internet people. also, this episode is about homosexuality and cross dressing. They pretend not to be sexist. Except for Tasha the female characters are useless.


A bank's dress code policy...

"It is odd to me that one would assume wearing make-up is akin to "whoring-up" - how old-fashioned is that? Nobody is talking about rouging their nipples, lady"

you mean wearing make-up isn't like whoring-up? And it isn't old fashioned. woman have worn make-up for a long time. make-up is usually meant to make you look aroused. Sounds like whoring up to me.

Original article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2010/12/15/132078288/bank-dress-code-makeup-will-enhance-your-personality?sc=fb&cc=fp