I am angry about lesbians today. Oh, and for future reference I do have a sense of humor. it just tends to be... more sophisticated at least sometimes.

The phrase from pilgrim, "i'm in lesbians with you." Is a little chuckle on it's own. But in the movie-- at least it's the last of a series of comments on lesbians. It just shows his obsession with "lesbians". lesbians and gays are objectified, but the gays are made out to be well- not of a sexual nature. (unless you are an artist, then you might exclaim your lust for gays or are gay yourself.)

The obsession with "lesbians" seems to me a threesome fantasy. And quite possibly the fear that you might be gay if you look at another man's "junk". I have no problems with fantasies, but I don't want to be pounded with 'every' man's fantasy all the time. And I dislike the concept of polygamy. I also get the feeling that girls... actually I know they will do things like that to get men. It's fine to please your guy or if you want sex, but I always feel like women think they will get a good relationship by being "sexy". Or maybe they just want to be popular.

(i may not be sense making. Or whatever, cuz it's past one.)

Another lesbian fantasy. They are more sexual, like catgirls. No, they are just already "deviants" so they might as well exclaim their lust. And it's not like all of them do that. The majority of the ones I know don't. I'm female and hetro. Of course, I'm not supposed to share my lustfulness and with how I know men react, I prefer not to.

Lesbians has been in quotes, because a guy can't get a lesbian (unless rape, but that's another story) it's the typical bi-sexual nature of society's women. Or probably. less typical, more bi-sexual.

And gay men, they are thought of as less then man, especially if they are more feminine. But people can easily see why that makes me mad. Don't shit on the gays they're people-- men too.


  1. Just a few comments on this. First, in defense of men, we don't all view lesbians/ bi-sexual women that way. I, for one, have no interest in lesbians in any sort of sexual manner once I find out that they're lesbian. I've spoken with other men who feel the same way.

    Second, what do you think about women who fantasize about gay men? I know a few, and was wondering where they fall in your consideration.

    Finally, and this ties into the previous question somewhat, you mentioned polygamy, what do you think of polyandry? (one woman marrying multiple men)

  2. Yeah. I know all men aren't all about the lesbians. I'm talking like sterotypically. All in media and such. I know of women who are into male gay sex, but it's not all over the place. I mean the "women like gay porn." thing.
    I don't know where they fall, because I am not reminded of it all the time. Usually when I am it's my friends and I know how they feel about people. I don't feel it's so much society saying "feel this way about these people." Not like we can really get away from society.
    Biologically it makes more sense for a man to have multiple wives as he can have more children, but a woman can only have one (or a few) at a time. Though, I'd feel better about it if his wives were also married to others. because I feel like women are sometimes likely to do stupid things to get guys. And they might not really want a guy with other wives, but for some reason feel they should be with him anyway. I'm clearly being general here, or just general about some of the females I've known. I know I couldn't be in a polygamous relationship.

  3. Oh, another reason I was saying "every" man was because I was talking with a guy who said he didn't care for lesbians. at another time had said how his girlfriend and another girl had taken their bras off and were cuddling in bed. He seemed to have been pleased by this concept. Of course that is clearly not lesbian, but was one of the ideas that brought on this rant.