Boyfriend and I were hanging out with a friend at his grandma's house. The guys were playing Magic, I was drawing and the grandma was watching TV. The TV ended up on a movie called Disclosure. (there is a novel that I need to read.) First thing I want to mention in the beginning the main character's(Tom) daughter didn't want to put on her coat, so he said something like "you should always listen to your father." her reply was "Rachel doesn't have a father she has two mommies." Uh, I approve.
The second point is that Tom is sexually harassed. They of course went into that "sex is about power." but even if we are 100% certain of this it's- more of a wanting of power, the need to control something. Not necessarily actually having that power and doing what you will with it. (which would make it more sexual.) Tom had said "sexually harassment is about power, when did I have the power?"
The female claimed he did it. In trying to say that he did it her lawyer was suggesting that Tom, who was attracted to the woman, had just "lost control" and had to have sex with her. Lost control? isn't that the opposite of being in control– having power? So, his lack of thought would have made him commit a crime. (not of course saying that raping someone because you are aroused is an excuse.) and they were just trying to get him to admit to raping her. This is all just fiction, of course, but I still have to question.
Of course sex itself is/can be about power. Which kinda confuses the sex/power myths about rape.
Mostly, I mentioned the movie, because a women can sexually harass a man. Due to the nature of the sexes it is less likely to happen, but it can.

I'm reading at the moment a Year of Living Biblically at one point he states that the idea of avoiding a woman while she's on her period isn't misogynistic– it's like grieving for the death of a potential life, but do we grieve for ever sperm a male ejaculates that doesn't end up as a life??

at the mall, today my boyfriend and I were looking for the Borders again and I was like "oh, it's this way. by the naked girls. Did you not remember passing the naked girls?" "No," he said. "because I am happily in a relationship." "I notices the naked girls." I don't know how he missed or forgot about the mostly naked girls.

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