Boyfriend's argument about cake.

Let's bake a cake! Gather all the necessary ingredients and put them together in the proper way in a dish. Okay! let's put this in the oven and see how it turns out.
Now, five minutes after putting it in the oven take it out. Is that a cake?

Now, let's make a human! Gather all the necessary ingredients and put them together in the proper way. Okay! Now, five minutes after conception let's take it out of the womb. Is that a human?

just because all the parts are there does not make it a cake. Yes, it can only become a cake or a pile of junk, but that does not make it a cake. It does not mean you threw away a cake.
You can't have a feminist blog without some statement about abortion. Besides that Cake argument I don't know what to say. (if anyone does read this, it's probably where I'm likely to get crap.)
Let's go with some basics.

Rape. Someone gets raped. She doesn't tell anyone. She gets pregnant. She knows that if she has the kid. That kid will remind her of the rapist and not be treated well by her. (or by any boyfriends she might have) She also knows that if she gives the child up for adoption, the kid would probably have a terrible life. This is ignoring the pregnancy and birth process.

Danger for the mother. The mother is in danger. She might die. If she wants to live, well the unborn will have to die. Making her sacrifice herself for the child is not her sacrificing herself. It's the law sacrificing her. (Note that this is the only type of abortion legal in the third trimester.)

Failed Birth Control. It happens. They tell you it can happen. I don't think that people should use abortion as birth control. (but via cake, I don't see why they can't.)

ICHEB: I'm detecting another life-sign.
SEVEN: Where?
ICHEB: Inside Lieutenant Torres. It could be a parasite.
(Star Trek: Voyager) I wish I had a better quote, but it's the only one I could think of.

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